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SCM Designs is happy to announce a new partnership with Pressbriar.com to bring you new website design and services.

With this new partnership, SCM Designs can now offer valuable website services to clients such as web design, SEO and optimization, hosting, and much more.  SCM Designs and Pressbriar can offer both WordPress self-hosted site construction and design as well as static, HTML based web design.

Pressbriar offers unique web development and marketing strategies based on the WordPress content management systems/blog platform and in HTML based static web pages.  We offers site building and content management of your site using hundreds of plugins and widgets, including tools for search engine optimization, account settings, site stats, forms, user registration, social networking, browser verification, and user comments to name a few. I am more than happy to walk you through the entire process.

We will also offer to install hosting and domain registration through GoDaddy or any other hosting service upon request.  This way your web design, domain acquisition and hosting service is all hands free for you.

SCM Designs

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