expand your image on facebook


Facebook has become a real phenomenon, both in personal networking and in professional brand development.

If you want to jazz up you page or if you’ve recently built a business page from your personal one to promote your business, here’s a little trick to improve on the somewhat boring page layout we’re given by our friendly Facebook programmers.

Profile pictures are small and restrictive, but now you can increase that image to fill the majority of your profile landing page.  Few users know that Facebook allows for a 200 pixel(W) X 600 pixels(H) image as your profile pic.  It has to be formatted at exactly those pixel dimensions and must be in 72dpi.  But once loaded, it’ll really add that “wow” factor your page really needs.  So, you’ll need a little help from Photoshops to get this just right.

Steve Muth
SCM Designs

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One Response to “expand your image on facebook”

  1. justdc Says:

    wow…didnt know this…thanks 🙂

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